• Our One Year Celebration!

    Island Chic Bahamas


    The “family islands” are the hidden treasures of The Bahamas. They are intricate fragments of diversity, beauty, and culture. Here on these islands; utopias innovation and creativity are ever overflowing and one cannot help but to be inspired. This is what happened to our founder, Demetriee Burrows, after a few visits to Exuma and Cat Island. Whether it was the overwhelming appreciation for island life or the pulsating desire to create, Island Chic was born and recently, our brand that has gracefully turned heads celebrates its one-year anniversary.

    In 2018, Island Chic was launched with the aim to promote authentic island living. We believe the company is successfully accomplishing just that as the limited collections have influenced, styled and reinvented many, in more ways than fashion alone. Island Chic offers exclusive Bahamian art and elegant products which all embodies the glamor and simplicity of island living through jewelry, home décor, apparel and much more. In a world surrounded by many brands with a myriad of looks, feels and flairs, Island Chic stands out simply because of our exceptionality, exclusivity, commitment to embodying the best of island living. Our dynamic social media presence catches the eye and soul of nearly everyone who crosses paths with us.

    One year after we introduced ourselves to the world, the brand celebrated its one-year anniversary and toasted to past and future successes just after the release of our first collection for 2019: “The Sunday Collection”. The intimate brunch held on Sunday, May 25 th , 2019 at Shima was hosted by Demetriee whom was surrounded by friends almost of all of whom were adorned in their favorite Island Chic pieces. It was a jubilant occasion put on to celebrate the launch of the first of a minimum of two collections released each year. Speaking to her selection process for her pieces, Demetriee said, “the proces s is very tedious, from researching to making sure that each product is on par with the brand [when received].”

    She said Island Chic will most definitely be spotted in our very own boutique in the future.

    “We will expand the amount of pieces in our collection as the company grows,” she continued.

    “As a new business, we want to ensure that we make the proper steps for our shoppers.”

    This ensures customers can purchase exclusive pieces of the highest quality. As time progresses Island Chic intends to expand by having a curated brunch experience for customers and supporters in 2020 as well as spanning into retail stores and out island pop ups! This means Island Chic gals can raise their glasses in aid of their favorite pieces or favorite collection thus far.

    Island Chic has loads in store for the remainder of 2019 as well as 2020 but for now, as stated by our founder, we are primarily concerned with taking the proper steps to grow, while providing customers with an unforgettable Island Chic, bold experience.